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About Parkway Caribbean

Parkway Caribbean Restaurant & Convenience Store is unique to Allentown. The restaurant feathers three venues in one concept called Multi-Branding; A Fast Food Restaurant, A Convenience Store, and a lounge/after work spot. This concepts offering multiple dining, entertainment and shopping Opportunities within a single establishment. Parkway Caribbean Catering Service will extend our cuisine and services to private events. The variety and menu divisions will broaden your appeal and provide you with a different experience on each visit.

Governor Tom Wolf visits Parkway Caribbean

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What We Sell

We source and sell authentic West Indian, African, Hispanic and American products that satisfy our diverse market needs. We also offer organic tropical blended fruit drinks and smoothies.

Who We Sell To

Our market analysis looks at potential customers and potential business. Parkway Caribbean explore the market segments, their needs and did a marketing analysis.

Being in business for over thirteen years has allowed us to establish a long lasting relationship with neauboring businesses and organizations. Parkway Caribbean is now becoming a household name in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding regions.

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Who We Are

Parkway Caribbean Restaurant and Take Out is a multi convenience store that has been in business for over thirteen years. We offer a wide variety of food that serve both in and around the community. Our successful operation with business coupled with a demand from our customers has prompted us at Parkway Caribbean to expand our operations. This expansion involves adding several dishes to the menu for our take out services.

Learn Di Culture

Jamaica is a melting pot of different ethnic groups. Here at parkway Caribbean we seek to keep that culture alive. Check out where each food item originated from in Jamaica that we use to prepare some of your favorite meals.
1. Tainos / Arawaks :- corn, sweet potato, callaloo, beans,fish, cassava
2. The Spaniards:- pigs( pork) goats( mutton) oranges, lemon, lime,ginger , banana
3. The British :- breadfruit, ackee( from West Africa) mangoes,black pepper, Easter Bun, jams
4. West Africa:- "run down" , yam, Duckanoo ( Blue Draws) , ackee ( ackee and saltfish) - this is the National dish of Jamaica.
5. The Indians :- curried goat, Pak Choy ( chow)
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Parkway Mission

The mission of Parkway Caribbean is dedication to the highest quality of food and service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, pride and company sprit.

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Parkway caribbean History

Parkway Caribbean Restaurant is an expansion on the already existing Parkway Caribbean Store. Parkway Caribbean opened its doors in June of 2002. Parkway Caribbean started with two small product lines of grocery and clothing that provided the main streams of revenue. We quickly grew into a community based business which houses multiple lines of products mainly from the United States and the Caribbean.

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