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Parkway Catering and Decor Service

Allow us to create an amazing environment and provide delicious food to cater to any event including weddings, birthday, parties and other special events. We will do the decor and provide the food and music, for any casual or elegant mood.

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Parkway Eclectic Atmosphere

We combine an eclectic atmosphere with excellent and interesting West Indian, African, Hispanic and American products. The mission is to have not only a great product selection, but also efficient and superior customer-service, customer-satisfaction is one of our prime objectives.

Parkway Caribbean the Location of Choice

Parkway Caribbean Restaurant aims to be the location of choice for everyone, couples and singles of all ages young and old. Male or female and children.

Catering Services

We decorate you celebrate. For all your catering and d├ęcor needs to make that special moment priceless. For more information send us a email or click the pointer below for directions.

Special Events

We specialize in any events of your choice, such as Baby Shower, Sweet Sixteenth, Weddings, Birthday Parties etc. For more information call us at +1 (610) 433-4500 or send us a email.

Audio Sound System Rental

Parkway Caribbean can get you access to state of the art Digital Surround Sound Systems, Compatible with Apple, Windows, Android and virtually any Platforms so you can enjoy the moment while listening to clean crisp music.

Sound System Name Email Telephone
A.M.G Unique 610-433-4500

Catering Services to suit your budget

Parkway Caribbean has catering packages to suit your budget, we provide music, party rental devices and other accessories.Click Here To Continue Reading

Planning Special Events

We create an electrifying environment with amazing displays.We offer party rental packages at an affordable price. For more information send us a email or call Parkway Caribbean +1 (610) 433-4500.Select Special Events in the selection box for more info.

Sound Systems and Speakers

Music Rental is also available here at Parkway Caribbean. With some of the Tri-State most creative DJ,s we are sure to make your party come alive. So if you want to party like a Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop or Soul Music star contact us for a price quote. Select Music Rental in the selection box for more info.

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"Yuh Neva Know"

Employee welfare, participation, and training are equally important to our success. We will endeavor to maintain a family atmosphere where everyone is treated fairly and with the utmost respect. Our employees play a integral part in the success of Parkway Caribbean Restaurant Convenience Store and Take Out.

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